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#1077534 - Mon Dec 15 2014 03:14 PM Hello from KentQuizzer
KentQuizzer Offline

Registered: Mon Dec 15 2014
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Loc: Kent UK
Hello. I have been on FT for just over two years but I am still finding my way around there, let alone here.

Please bear with me as I explore the content here and your relationship with the FT site, together with working out trivialities like how to search more than two months of your forum entries in one simple query :-)

To quote my profile in "the other place", I was "Born in London, live in Kent, work in London in IT".

As someone who already spends far too much time on FT itself, I'm not sure how active I will be here, but it's great to know that you exist ... and I'll be interested to find out whether activity here contributes to mainstream FT badges/badgelets ;-)


#1077552 - Mon Dec 15 2014 06:01 PM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
trident Offline

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Welcome to the forums. I tend to think of this place as a supplement to FT main site. Maybe even as its help desk with a little more fun mixed in. smile
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#1077609 - Tue Dec 16 2014 03:30 AM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
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The forums were here first, the quiz side of the site added later. When Terry got the idea of letting people create quizzes for others to play he thought that we might end up with as many as a hundred or two quizzes, or even in time, a thousand. smile

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#1077613 - Tue Dec 16 2014 04:56 AM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
MiraJane Offline

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Way back in the archives of the Forums, Terry asked for volunteers for the first editors. He asked for "someone who has played a lot of quizzes, around fifty." ah, how times have changed!

#1077671 - Tue Dec 16 2014 08:04 PM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
satguru Offline
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Welcome KQ, I am very familiar with your part of the world (mainly the London side) and sure we could spend plenty of time talking about the demerits of the Bromley one way system etc.

I wonder if clearing the cookies that say it's you would help underscored? Normally logging one out and one in works for me but that's the next step if that doesn't help.
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#1077777 - Wed Dec 17 2014 04:12 PM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
TabbyTom Offline

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Welcome to the forums, KQ (I'm very familiar with your exploits in the team games, of course).
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#1077904 - Thu Dec 18 2014 12:04 PM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
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Hello KQ! I've seen you somewhere else as well. It took me about a month of quizzing when I joined up to do the Alice in Wonderland thing and push the door to the forums open.

Glad you did.

Heather aka Bruyere
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#1078020 - Fri Dec 19 2014 04:06 PM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
KentQuizzer Offline

Registered: Mon Dec 15 2014
Posts: 21
Loc: Kent UK
Thank you all for your greetings, comments and suggestions - it's great to encounter some familiar names and to meet some new ones too


#1078843 - Sat Dec 27 2014 08:05 AM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
cinnam0n Offline

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Welcome the forums, KentQuizzer! Enjoy!

#1081854 - Fri Jan 23 2015 11:40 AM Re: Hello from KentQuizzer
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Hello! How are you?


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