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#108138 - Sat Jun 30 2001 09:48 AM Apostorphe Question
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I recall reading somewhere during my quiz creation, that certain things will count as a word such as dashes, apostrophies and the like, meaning if your clue is "three words" and there is an apostrophe in the word it makes it "four words." Am I correct? The reason I ask is, I got a correction from a player and I'd like to tell them why it says "four words" instead of "three words" the name in question contains an apostrophe.


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#108139 - Sat Jun 30 2001 04:16 PM Re: Apostorphe Question
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For some reason the program counts apostrophe s (or any other letter) as a separate word. It is up to the quiz creator to be aware of this and to make the necessary correction to the hint.

#108140 - Sun Jul 08 2001 09:30 AM Re: Apostorphe Question
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This is definitely something quiz-makers and editors should be aware of. I just got marked wrong on an answer because of this. I knew the answer was "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar" on a fill-in-the-blank question, but because it said the answer was three words I left out the dash, and was counted wrong.

Two things a quiz-maker could do about this. Change the "three words" to "two words", or allow the answer without the dash to be counted correct.


#108141 - Sun Jul 08 2001 01:51 PM Re: Apostorphe Question
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I find that if a quizmaker says to leave out dashes or anything other than commas and apostrophes, it is a lot easier. I don't have trouble with the commas and apostrophes, except when a quizmaker does not 'space' them, such as now,later instead of now, later. It is a little confusing, but if the quizmakers say to follow normal, correct procedures, it might help. (I hope I've explained that right) gammab

#108142 - Sun Jul 08 2001 04:52 PM Re: Apostorphe Question
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let me know which quiz it is and I'll fix it, FITBs are not supposed to be a typing contest .. must be an older quiz, as FITBs in Sports are limited to 2 words

#108143 - Sun Jul 08 2001 05:11 PM Re: Apostorphe Question
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apostrophes are ignored, rather than counted .. they're considered to be a space between two words:-

I'm here they're not .. is 6 words
they're .. is 2 words


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