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#109317 - Thu Apr 18 2002 06:48 PM Play a random game
Terry Offline
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Just added tonight.
Anyone have a chance to play with this yet?

#109318 - Thu Apr 18 2002 06:51 PM Re: Play a random game
aballinshadow Offline

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Play a random quiz? Isn't it a little risky? I wouldn't try this.
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#109319 - Thu Apr 18 2002 08:20 PM Re: Play a random game
janie_eva02 Offline

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i tried it out, but most of the quizzes i get for random...i have no idea what the topic is about [Frown]
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#109320 - Thu Apr 18 2002 10:18 PM Re: Play a random game
CellarDoor Offline

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There are two types of "Play a Random Game" ... one on the main page of Quizzyland, and one that you can access from the main page of each category (e.g. Music, Brain Teasers, what have you). If you try the latter, it should be a little less "random" ... you can find that link next to the category Top 30 and Newest Quizzes.
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#109321 - Fri Apr 19 2002 06:59 AM Re: Play a random game
Bruyere Offline
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Playing a quiz at random was like Trivial Pursuit, if you fall on a section you know absolutely nothing about (try Sports for me and then I know a little) you are in trouble. I liked doing this when I first came here.

I suppose if you really are someone who cannot stand getting a bad score then you might not enjoy the risk factor!

so the random thing is by sections now, which is better.
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#109322 - Fri Apr 19 2002 07:19 AM Re: Play a random game
Terry Offline
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I personally like the random quiz thing because I have an awful time making decisions about what games to pick. When it comes down to it, if it's an interesting topic, I'll do it [Smile]


#109323 - Fri Apr 19 2002 03:01 PM Re: Play a random game
Lanire Offline

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I really like the idea of the new random quizes too, but is it possible for the random games to check if the quiz was already played by the person. I've tried using the option in the category I often play games in and I had to press many times to get to a game that I havn't played before.

#109324 - Thu May 02 2002 08:28 AM Re: Play a random game
mobilizer Offline

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I like the random quiz, for the simple fact some have come up that I'd NEVER think to go to because I "know" I'd know nothing at all! However it's surprising at times and I may get half of the answers right! [Smile]

#109325 - Sun May 05 2002 05:22 AM Re: Play a random game
Flapjack44 Offline

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I love the random quiz selector! As has already been said it pushes you into areas you would never have visited without prompting! (Though I did begin to wonder whether there was a conspiracy to push me into Geography...)

Great stuff... [Roll Eyes]
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#109326 - Sun May 05 2002 07:04 AM Re: Play a random game
tazzly Offline

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Hey Terry,
I am glad that I found this post. I have to agree with Bruyere and Janie on this one. I have tried this several times but not anymore for now because it is throwing me into subjects I haven't a clue on, and levels are mostly "Average and above". So I find myself pushing the "give me any other quiz button" several times before getting something that I can hope to get at least 30 points on in a 10 question game. Here is a possible solution. Maybe when pushing "play a random game" it then prompts you to a window of questions to get a little more specific. Maybe 2 questions, 1)what level would you like to play, 2)what general catagory would you like to play. If those options were made availiable then people would be more apt to play even if they maybe don't know the band, tv show, etc. but at least it is a basic interest, where they may want to gain knowledge, by taking the quiz.

Sorry so long winded, but I am also, or try to be, thorough and helpful.

Good Luck and I think the new improvements in general are great. This is why I am the FT addict that I am today...Help me I don't sleep anymore......
I believe this is the first time I have posted or actually directed someting to you personally. So with that said my name is Kim and I am totally and completely addicted to everything on this site. You done wonders to make this site what it is today. So I have absolutely no doubt that this little (minut) problem will be easily solved by you and your team of trivia site Master creators.....

Ta Ta
tazzly [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
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#109327 - Mon May 06 2002 03:44 AM Re: Play a random game
LindaC007 Offline

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I just checked out the Play A Random Quiz on the main page--and Terry, I had great fun!! Of the 5 that came up-I played 4. The only reason I didn't play the other, is because I just didn't know a single thing about the subject. And the 4 I played were really great quizzes in a variety of categories.

I'm hooked on it. [Smile]
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