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#1104397 - Sun Aug 02 2015 05:51 AM RIP Cilla Black
sue943 Offline

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The 72 year old singer has died in her villa in Spain. It is thought that it is of natural causes.

RIP Cilla.
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#1104407 - Sun Aug 02 2015 07:55 AM Re: RIP Cilla Black
jonnowales Offline

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That's a real shame. As a child of the 1990s I remember her more for Blind Date, Surprise Surprise and The Moment of Truth than for her music. She made for great Saturday night telly.

#1104410 - Sun Aug 02 2015 08:31 AM Re: RIP Cilla Black
flopsymopsy Offline


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She was one of the voices of my teenage years. Sure, I remember watching/hearing the Beatles, the Stones, Animals and all the other groups but the voices I remember are the girls - Dusty Springfield, Helen Shapiro, Cilla Black, etc. Cilla didn't have the strongest voice but she did have the most impact on showbiz, which is why Jonnowales also remembers her generations after my memories were formed but for different reasons. RIP chuck.
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#1104412 - Sun Aug 02 2015 09:48 AM Re: RIP Cilla Black
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RIP Cilla.

If anyone is interested the three part drama starring Sheridan Smith playing Cilla in the early years is available on You Tube.
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#1104429 - Sun Aug 02 2015 12:14 PM Re: RIP Cilla Black
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Cilla was an integral part of my young teenage Saturday night TV_binges.
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#1104470 - Sun Aug 02 2015 11:12 PM Re: RIP Cilla Black
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Was very shocked and saddened to hear of her passing. While the 60s were not my day, so to speak, the era always fascinated me. Already, so many from that time have passed away and now we lose another one. RIP, Cilla.


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