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#1106757 - Wed Aug 26 2015 12:09 AM Strange
Jar Offline

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Odd how one feels compelled to visit a site one has not visited in some time. So here I am, and what is the first thing I see? A discussion on how old Fun Trivia is. I'm not that ancient, but it has been a while. Add to that, I was looking for a "Like" option! smile
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#1106761 - Wed Aug 26 2015 01:15 AM Re: Strange
sue943 Offline

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Nice to see you again.
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#1106786 - Wed Aug 26 2015 11:33 AM Re: Strange
satguru Offline
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Welcome back Jar, don't stay away so long this time!
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#1106805 - Wed Aug 26 2015 04:08 PM Re: Strange
TabbyTom Offline

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Welcome back, Jar.
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#1106910 - Thu Aug 27 2015 05:49 PM Re: Strange
cinnam0n Offline

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Good to see you back, Jar.

#1162222 - Wed Apr 05 2017 08:51 PM Re: Strange
Govannon8 Offline

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I like when people return to their `old haunts' I do this too!
I am still a `newb' but learning fast.
My Net experience dates back to 1995, so there are many places that I
could revisit too, some are unfortunately morphed, or gone now

I look forward to seeing you in the Games!

"Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"
--Julius Caesar


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