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#1110802 - Sat Oct 03 2015 12:54 AM Food dehydrator
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I am thinking buying a food dehydrator but I don't know much about them. I tried looking at online reviews but didn't glean very much information as most reviews applied to American rather than Australian products.

I am wondering if anyone out there can provide any information. I would be interested to know what brand of dehydrator you have, whether or not you like it and why, good and bad points etc.
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#1110884 - Sat Oct 03 2015 02:10 PM Re: Food dehydrator
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Was thinking the same thing when the fruit was ripening in the garden.

A friend of mine loaned me her dehydrator, a cheap brand. I tried it on our onions (bad idea, but successful). Bad idea because my eyes were tearing so badly while I was peeling and slicing all the onions, and bad idea because the odour of onions permetated the whole house to the extent that I ended up putting the machine in the garage until it had run its course. A success all the same, I was able to bag up the onion chips easily the following day.

Another advantage: If over time I notice the food being slightly less crisp, I can run it through the dehydrator again.

I would be interested in using it for fruit, especially apples, or for garden peas (anything less irritating than onions in fact laugh ) but despite being pleased with the result I haven't yet taken the plunge and actually purchased one.

The advantage of drying food as opposed to freezing it is, of course, the fact that you are not limited by the capacity of the freezer for storing the food afterwards.
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