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#1113432 - Mon Oct 26 2015 12:40 AM Storyline ideas
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I like to write. I've come up with a list of book titles for some stories but I can't think of any interesting storylines. Does anyone have any ideas? The titles I've got are "Cleaning Up Dreams", "Clinging To My Past", "Nymphs of Gold", "Harmony of Heaven", "Boys of The Lost Ones", "Termination of Yesterday", "King of Freedom", "Signs of The Eternals", "Planet of the Forsaken", "Fortune of Greatness", "Girls of the Forest", "Demons of Fire", "Termination of Desire", "Becoming The Night", "Enchantment of the Rose", "Serpents of the Ocean", "Serpent of the Solstice" and "Pharaoh of Dawn".

#1113435 - Mon Oct 26 2015 01:09 AM Re: Storyline ideas
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Sometimes coming up with a plot helps more than coming up with the title first. Try writing short stories with those titles instead of going right for book length first. Or group similar titles together & make them chapter headings.

#1113611 - Mon Oct 26 2015 08:49 PM Re: Storyline ideas
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If you have thought up titles (what a list!) they must mean something to you. Just start with one and write down what brought you to the choice. For instance, what does "Cleaning up Dreams" mean to you? Where did that come from? I think nobody else can help you with a "storyline" for that as it only has meaning to you.It must trigger some sort of idea for a story in you, or how could you have thought of it?
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