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#1119273 - Fri Dec 11 2015 02:10 AM First time back in seven years.
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Hello everyone,

I'm bigsoxy.
I used to be on Fun Trivia and it's forums quite frequently back in the day. Now, by "back in the day" I mean seven or eight years ago. I really don't know why I quit. It was probably a combination of school and work and other lame things.

Anyway, you know how you see an old boyfriend or girlfriend you haven't seen in ages and remember all the good times you had together, but can't remember exactly why you broke up? That's how I felt when I saw Fun Trivia pop up in my search results for "star wars trivia for dates" which I was searching in order to impress my real-life date, since I'm a passing casual and she's pretty much George Lucas. (I've got that much at least!)

So, like that long-forgotten flame you suddenly see across from you on the 8 p.m commuter bus, I couldn't resist tentatively resuming contact a bit. A few questions and answers and we were in bed, or at least I was, and Fun Trivia was on my smartphone. We played late into the night, so late, in fact, that all I was able to do at work the next day was rub my eyes and sneak a glance at my phone and berate my brain for not knowing Grover Cleveland's Secretary of State. Before long I wanted a more serious relationship so I bought the gold star thing and decided to kill time and check out the forums.

Well that was pointless and long. Anyway, thought I'd re-introduce myself. How is everyone? Is the weather nice? Is Esther's madness in Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" inevitable or the result of specific events in her life? How are your pets? Gosh I'm terrible at small talk and ending conversations.
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#1119349 - Fri Dec 11 2015 11:45 AM Re: First time back in seven years.
HairyBear Offline

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Well, that was certainly one of the most original hellos I've ever read.

I've never met a female Star Wars fan in person. Going to be tough hanging on to that one if you aren't a rabid fan yourself. Good luck.

I confess I don't know Grover Cleveland's secretary of state, either. If the option was available, I would pick Seward who pushed for the US to buy Alaska, but I don't know.

I've gone through several pets in the last seven years, so mostly "passed on".

The best close is some kind of variation on, "Gee, look at the time!" Examples, "Well, it's been nice chatting." "I've got to get back to work now." "The cat is meowing at me wanting to be fed." "Have to let the dog out, so I'll close here." If you are more of the Perils of Pauline type, you can close with some dramatic cliffhanger, like "I smell smoke!" "Why is my house shaking?" "Geez, the sky is black as night and I hear a train coming, and there's no tracks here." (Note: The effect is ruined if you go back and edit something.) Me, I just stop when I run out of things to say.

#1119396 - Fri Dec 11 2015 05:18 PM Re: First time back in seven years.
ren33 Offline

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Starting off really mean , but truthful, I will say I do not remember you one bit.That's maybe senility or that I never left in all that time and well, thousands passed through the FT gates. Nice to see you though. What is good is I looked up your posts (button in your profile) and was really entertained by several threads, such as "When do you get up" Lots of old (oops) longtime people there. What depressed was, my life does not seem to have changed one iota. I still appear senile and crabby I still get up at 5. You are welcome back Do not leave again , esp when you don't know why. That is the prerogative of the heavily senile.
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#1119459 - Sat Dec 12 2015 05:12 AM Re: First time back in seven years.
bigsoxy Offline

Registered: Wed Feb 06 2008
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Loc: MontanaUSA
Thanks guys! I appreciate it! I'd forgotten just how much fun this site and all the quizzes can be.

HairyBear, I've thought the same thing regarding this girl. But she loves to talk about Star Wars and space and pop culture, so I think I'll just listen and maybe pick up a thing or two. It makes her happy to share her interests, and seeing her laugh and smile makes me do the same. Until I mix up Ayala Secura and Ashoka Tano, that is. Then...well, it's a work in progress.

I still don't know who Cleveland's Secretary of State was. The only reason I really even know who Cleveland himself was is that I had a placemat of all the presidents when I was little, and for some reason the six-year-old me thought it unbearably hilarious that he'd managed to get elected to two nonconsecutive terms and was therefore on the placemat twice. I was a weird kid.

Thanks for the tips on ending, especially the last one! I'll put them to good use.

Ren33, I also must admit that I remember very few people here. Rather, I remember conversations and experiences, somewhat, but that's about it. Like first grade. I remember things my class did and things that happened, but I can maybe name two or three classmates out of the 15 or so.

Glad you enjoyed my old posts and thank you for the warm welcome! And it's okay not to change, in my opinion. For some change can be a benefit, for others, well, they're good just the way they are.
If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. - Dr. Emmett Brown, Back To The Future

#1120816 - Sun Dec 27 2015 03:31 PM Re: First time back in seven years.
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Welcome back, bigsoxy!

#1122645 - Thu Jan 14 2016 12:08 PM Re: First time back in seven years.
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Welcome back. I loved reading this post, and on Ren's recoomendation, I'll look through some old ones. I like your voice, I'll be looking out for you!
Sue (shuehorn)

#1122734 - Fri Jan 15 2016 03:50 AM Re: First time back in seven years.
sue943 Online   content

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I am another who wandered off to read your posts, you will see that I have re-opened a couple of the threads, because I can! smile

Welcome back, I hope the liver is holding up well and you are still taking the pills.
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#1134126 - Thu Apr 28 2016 07:17 PM Re: First time back in seven years.
BurgGurl Offline
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Welcome Back!

I too have recently returned after having been away for quite a few years as well. Good to see I'm not the only wandering soul smile
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