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#1137142 - Wed Jun 01 2016 06:23 PM New Philippines President
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There are some pretty weird would be presidents and presidents elect about in the world.
Mr Duterte of the Philippines would be hilarious if he weren't a little scary.
As Mayor of Davao Province, he wiped out a lot of crime and has indeed vowed to punish criminals in the rest of the Philippines by death.
The former politician in Davoa, a Mr Pala, seems to have been suspected of corruption. Today's paper reports this comment by Mr Duterte:

Duterte on Tuesday also raised the case of Jun Pala, a journalist and politician who was murdered in Davao in 2003. Gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead Pala, who was a vocal critic of Duterte. His murder has never been solved.
If you are an upright journalist, nothing will happen to you, said Duterte, who has ruled Davao as mayor for most of the past two decades and is accused of links to vigilante death squads. The example here is Pala. I do not want to diminish his memory but he was a rotten son of a bitch. He deserved it.the last bit set me off giggling for ages!

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#1137220 - Thu Jun 02 2016 05:16 PM Re: New Philippines President
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Double standards!


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