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#1150373 - Thu Nov 10 2016 09:53 PM RIP Leonard Cohen
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Well, can't say he didn't live a full life.

I remember my introduction to his music - would have been about 1970, and our Grade nine English teacher brought in her guitar and sang "Suzanne" to us. I was the only one in the class who recognized it from a book of poems from my older brother's college English course (yeah, yeah, nerdy kid, if there was a book in the house, I had to read it) so she lent me the album to take home over the weekend to listen. I have a very vivid memory of leaning in to the big hifi in the living room, trying to catch every word of "Master Song"....

#1150376 - Thu Nov 10 2016 10:08 PM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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For me, the introduction came a little trip to Germany for the summer that included a road trip from PA and through Delaware and New Jersey, finally to New York and then on to Germany for the summer. On the last night in the US, we watched Pump Up the Volume, a film that featured two of Cohen's songs. I've loved him ever since for the merits of his music and lyricism, but also ever since for the memories of that happier time in my life that are called back to me every time I hear his voice.

#1150397 - Fri Nov 11 2016 03:01 AM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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'Suzanne' is the first of his songs that I remember, too, with 'Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye' a close second. He's left a lot to remember him by - not just 'Hallelujah'.
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#1150399 - Fri Nov 11 2016 03:15 AM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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"Tower of Song" is another one I love: "I was born like this, I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice".

#1150417 - Fri Nov 11 2016 07:31 AM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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He left us a fine gift. I will miss him.

#1150470 - Fri Nov 11 2016 07:25 PM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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I fell in love with his music from the film "Natural Born Killers." You were a true talent Mr. Cohen.

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#1150502 - Fri Nov 11 2016 10:24 PM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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When I found out about his death (one-liner in a three minute radio news program), I thought I needed to sit down and write a quiz about his life and music. It took me the most of the night (I'm a morning person) so it's wrecked my plans work the weekend but I felt like I needed to do this. The quiz is written and I am proofreading now

Spent many a long night in the late70s interpreting his songs (sometimes with equally introspective girls who's names I can never quite remember).

May his many legacies live on
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#1182534 - Tue Nov 28 2017 04:43 AM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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Rest in peace, please

we will miss him so much

#1182611 - Wed Nov 29 2017 07:07 AM Re: RIP Leonard Cohen
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A friend of mine attended the recent Leonard Cohen tribute concert in Montreal. He said it was incredible. Here's a link to how you can listen to or watch it.


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