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#1156116 - Sat Jan 14 2017 11:57 PM The circus is coming to an end...
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The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus that has been performing since 1871 will close permanently in May 2017, after 146 years of shows. They were originally a three hour show that has slipped to two hours and seven minutes over time, and the longest act clocks in at a "long" 12 minutes.
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#1156127 - Sun Jan 15 2017 04:55 AM Re: The circus is coming to an end...
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I suppose that things have changed so much over the years.

Where I live we occasionally have circuses visiting but for many years they have had to be free of animals, in fact I think that they might be Chinese circuses and the one time that I went, about 20 years ago, it was just acrobats.

I only went to a 'traditional' circus once or twice in my life but as a child I didn't realise the probable cruelty which took place.

It was interesting to note in the article about children hardly being able to sit still for 12 minutes, how times have changed.
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#1157387 - Sat Feb 04 2017 06:25 PM Re: The circus is coming to an end...

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Times have changed big style.
I loved the circus coming to town as a young lad and visiting the zoo beforehand.
Them days have gone for good, and it's only right too!


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