Who wants to join in my role-playing game? It's called "Kingdom of Krat". In this game, players take on the role of an inhabitant of the planet Krat. If you want to play, please select a character from the list shown below:

King Silas
Prince Andreas
Princess Cosmina

Alifred Mourntrap
Brindon Orbroar
Elden Palegrain
Jariden Hallowbend
Ariyan Cinderforce
Cyrox Wyvernstar
Lennox Lunabrooke
Kodyn Netherstar
Braydan Willowcrag
Colemin Clangust
Elrin Whitescribe
Daltom Freebane
Arnav Terraleaf
Dariox Goldbough

Lorlea Hellstone
Adrana Moonspire
Nayla Rosebrooke
Britella Seatoe
Jennix Windmaw
Belenne Tarrenshade
Avalynn Hammerthorne
Amelise Lunabane
Moriyah Clanvale
Jexa Goldbrooke
Brae Runesun
Kasra Bluebrow
Saavi Lonepeak
Claudira Graysoar
Saria Dewmourn

Once you've selected a character, you're more than welcome to decide on personal things for them (age, physical appearance, life story, etc.)

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