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#1163438 - Mon Apr 17 2017 07:11 PM Camping trip .. Aussie style
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oz downunder

#1163475 - Tue Apr 18 2017 09:40 AM Re: Camping trip .. Aussie style
jabb5076 Offline

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Very funny. I bet that pretty much mirrors what happens on family camping trips around the world (minus the Aussie accent!)

#1163498 - Tue Apr 18 2017 03:12 PM Re: Camping trip .. Aussie style
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I loved that. Very creative guy.
There are four children in my family and we camped for two months a year. With tents though.
I can attest it was similar for us.
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#1163502 - Tue Apr 18 2017 04:16 PM Re: Camping trip .. Aussie style
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Accent? What accent? smile

Great stuff!
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#1163513 - Tue Apr 18 2017 07:58 PM Re: Camping trip .. Aussie style
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Originally Posted By: ozzz2002
Accent? What accent? smile

Spoken like a true
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#1163547 - Wed Apr 19 2017 08:18 AM Re: Camping trip .. Aussie style
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Love it. It brought it all back to me . How much I hate camping, that is.
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