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#1164902 - Sat May 06 2017 08:23 AM Interview with ElusiveDream
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You've been a member of FT for nearly six years. How did you come across the site and what keeps you coming back?

To be truthful, I canít remember exactly how I found FunTrivia, but the thing thatís kept me coming back would have to be the ever-growing number of quizzes and games there are to play.

How did you choose your username? Does it have any hidden significance?

I used to live in a large housing estate and just around the corner from my old house is another house with a caravan outside. The words ĎElusive Dreamí are written on the front of the caravan.

Which is your preference - quizzes or crosswords?

Iíd have to say quizzes. Iíve authored a few crosswords, but I find them difficult to write. Quizzes are much easier to write and edit.

What is your favourite quiz category to play on FT?

I have a number of quiz categories that I enjoy but my favourites are Palaeontology and the Titanic section in the ĎWorldí category.

If you had to write a quiz on a topic you haven't written about yet, what would it be?

Iíve been thinking about writing a quiz on the Holocaust. Iím always on the look-out for interesting topics that I can write quizzes about. One of the topics I recently covered involves crazy things that people have tried to get though airport security.

Can you tell us something about where you live? What's the best and worst aspect of your neighbourhood?

Probably the best thing about where I live is that Iím close to family. I also live within walking distance of the main shopping area. The worst aspect, I think, is that some of my townís facilities havenít changed to accommodate the growing number of people now living here. I remember 25 years ago when my town was small and quiet. Now itís busy.

Name one world site or experience on your bucket list.

Iíve seen lots of documentaries about Pompeii, so itís definitely a place Iíd like to visit. Iíd also like to visit the Tower of London and dive to the Titanic wreck.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. What other 'R' location would you want to visit in your lifetime, and why?

Iíd have to say that Rouen, France, would definitely be on my list of places to visit as itís the place where one of my favourite historical figures, St Joan of Arc, was executed. Iíve heard a church dedicated to Joan stands on the site of the old marketplace where she died.

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If you could save one dinosaur from extinction, which would it be? If a time machine made it possible for you to observe one dinosaur in its natural habitat, which one would you choose, and why?

Wow, this is a difficult one. There are so many dinosaurs, but Iím going to choose to save Stegosaurus from extinction because of its unique appearance. As for observing one dinosaur in its natural habitat, Iím choosing my personal favourite, T-Rex, so I can learn more about its hunting techniques.

If either were possible, would you rather have the ability to 'copy and paste' in real life or have the power to 'undo' anything?

I think Iíd like to have the power to Ďundoí things, so then I could correct any mistakes I make in life.

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Milk, white or dark chocolate? What ice cream flavour best describes your personality? Food is delicious, but what is your favourite food-and-drink pairing?

Milk chocolate. If I had to choose an ice-cream flavour, it would be vanilla because vanilla ice-cream goes with everything. I donít really have a favourite food and drink pairing, though I do enjoy a nice bowl of porridge with a cup of tea.

Describe a typical day in your life.

A: It depends which day it is. At the moment, most of my week is taken up by the TAFE course I started earlier this year. I donít have classes on Fridays, so I use this day for doing other things (shopping, going swimming or visiting my Grandad). Usually stay home on the weekends, unless Iíve made plans to do something with the family.

Which fictional world would you choose to live in? (e.g. Middle-earth, Narnia, Discworld)

The only fictional world I can really see myself living in is Dinotopia. Iíve seen the movie and read three of the four main books and I often wonder what things might be like on an island where humans and dinosaurs live together. Imagine riding a Brachiosaurus from one town to another or going shopping at the local market and seeing a Triceratops walking down the street. When I write messages and notes to my FunTrivia friends, I always sign off with a traditional Dinotopian greeting: ďBreathe deep, seek peaceĒ.

You're going to be marooned on a desert island (a well equipped one, with a tv, dvd player and electricity). You can take one book, one album, one film DVD and one box set of a television programme. What would you choose for each?

This is an interesting question. Out of my large selection of books, I think Iíd choose ďRaptor RedĒ by Robert Bakker. For music, it would either be my ďWee Sing DinosaursĒ or ďOfficial AFL club anthemsĒ albums. For things to watch, Iíd take my Jurassic Park DVD and my box set of ďBeast Wars TransformersĒ DVDs.

Do you watch television quiz shows? Have ever been on one? If not, would you like to have a go?

I donít really watch much television, unless thereís something on thatís worth watching. Iíve never been on any television shows and Iím not really sure if Iíd like to be, though I do like to play along with the quiz shows sometimes.
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#1165026 - Mon May 08 2017 07:13 AM Re: Interview with ElusiveDream
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Thank you.


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