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#119596 - Sun Jul 14 2002 05:26 PM Playing Quizzes
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Please post here if you notice anything odd while playing quizzes. I have changed things around to be more efficient and may have broken something. .hopefully not tho


#119597 - Sun Jul 14 2002 11:29 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
kevinatilusa Offline

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The message at the top of a quiz saying you've already played it doesn't seem to be active anymore. I'm not finding out until I finish taking the quiz and my score is not saved.

Or at least this is what WAS seems to work fine now. Thanks for fixing it (if it wasn't just my imagination in the first place!)

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#119598 - Mon Jul 15 2002 09:21 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
bullymom Offline

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I've noticed something bizarre while playing quizzes. The first time I thought I was going nuts, but it's happened several times... I'll play a 10-question quiz, and when I go to review the answers, it only goes up to 9! Or 14, or whatever 1 less than the correct number is. Debby (Bullymom)
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#119599 - Mon Jul 15 2002 10:51 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
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Something odd I noticed: I went to review one of the quizzes I made, and clicked through without answering the questions just to get to the results page. When I went to review the scores on my quiz, I was up there with a 0/15 score! I was pretty sure the maker's score isn't supposed to be saved. It also made my difficulty rating go up because of the zero score.

That's the link. (By the way, thank you, thank you whoever is responsible for making it an editor's choice. I am very proud and grateful!)


#119600 - Thu Jul 18 2002 04:41 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
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I already posted this under the subject of Bug?.... then I stubled onto where you said to post here if we notice anything wrong.
Earlier I played "Their Only Number 1" made by musicworks. I accessed it through play newest quizzes on my members area page. When I checked my scores, most of them came back saying it was incorrect because I hadn't put and answer. There were very few I left blank, but almost all of them said I hadn't put an answer. This is the only quiz I have come across that has done this.
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#119601 - Thu Jul 18 2002 05:41 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
ozzz2002 Online   FT-cool

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Babymoo, I was just searching the forum to point out exactly the same problem on the same quiz. (Terry or Music Editor- quiz ID is 85429.)
There seemed to be no obvious reason for the errors and both FITB and MC-types were affected.
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#119602 - Thu Jul 18 2002 06:02 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
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Thanks, fixed.

#119603 - Thu Jul 18 2002 06:03 PM Re: Playing Quizzes
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BTW, you CAN play your own quizzes with the new quiz system.


#119604 - Fri Jul 19 2002 02:23 AM Re: Playing Quizzes
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I did the same thing as Miss Scarlet. I flicked through one of my own quizzes when it went on line just to see how it looked and was recorded as playing it and obtaining a zero score, which brought down my average score by 1%. Can this be rectified?
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