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#1211916 - Wed Nov 14 2018 02:19 AM Dreary subject but any advice welcome
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Does anyone have advice on trying to get over putting a 10 yr old dog to sleep? Been since

Thursday the 8th and Iíve become mean, donít sleep, itís 3am now, and just donít care about anything.

I guess it takes time, but I need an attitude adjustment soon. My doctor says look to the future and take walks. Ugh. Walks, ok. Future, like what?

Hate to be a downer on here, just any advice please! Thanks

#1211925 - Wed Nov 14 2018 04:41 AM Re: Dreary subject but any advice welcome
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You cant forget him. You cant just put him out of your mind. There is so much truth in "it takes time" Dont try and get over this. Why are you trying to or wanting to? He was part of your life, a family member, like a child or any other member so think about him , remember him . Dont listen to people who tell you to "snap out of it etc" You cant and you don't have to.
One thing though Why did you put him to sleep? Was he sick, senile, not the guy he was? If so then you did the right thing well you might feel you did.
Give it all the time you need.Thats all the 'attitude adjustment" you need
Been there like you a few times. I still grieve.
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#1212066 - Thu Nov 15 2018 11:21 PM Re: Dreary subject but any advice welcome
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We've had to do put a few animals down. There is no getting over it. Time makes it easier to bear. But years later, I still wonder if I made the right decisions at the right times. You just have to live day to day.
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