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#1215457 - Mon Dec 24 2018 06:04 AM Hic!
Santa_Claus Offline

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Sorry that I am late popping in to see you all, I have been at the sherry already and as you can gather I am already busy on my journey around the world.

Hic and a merry Christmas to you all.
Santa Claus is coming to town!

#1215461 - Mon Dec 24 2018 07:15 AM Re: Hic!
ren33 Offline

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Santa!!! I cannot believe you are tipsy already! Tell me its only hiccups.Please make sure you eat well before you go on your rounds tasting all the drinks.
Now take care and have fun tomorrow!
By the way I have been exceptionally good this year.......
Wandering aimlessly through FT since 1999.

#1215467 - Mon Dec 24 2018 10:59 AM Re: Hic!
sue943 Offline

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Hey ho Santa! I thought that you had forgotten us this year (again)!

Stay safe on your travels, and lay off the sherry!
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#1215469 - Mon Dec 24 2018 11:19 AM Re: Hic!
veronicavee Offline

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Feliz Natal Santa. I will leave you a glass of port!

#1215471 - Mon Dec 24 2018 12:11 PM Re: Hic!
flopsymopsy Online   content


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Merry Christmas, Santa!

I'm off on my travels tomorrow, though I may pop in at some point. I do hope those naughty reindeer don't leave, ahem, a mess all over my route as I don't want to arrive smelling of reindeer oopsie!
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#1215472 - Mon Dec 24 2018 12:43 PM Re: Hic!
dg_dave Offline
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Santa missed in 2017...wonder if he got to the sherry or brandy and just forgot about us last year.
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#1215481 - Mon Dec 24 2018 02:09 PM Re: Hic!
postcards2go Offline

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Black coffee at my house, Santa. Can't have you crashing into chimneys, and sliding off roofs.
~~ postie


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