FT Premier League

FT Premiership
Round 28
Sat 2nd May
Arsenal v Liverpool
Burnley v Wolverh Wanderers
Chelsea v Norwich City
Crystal Palace v Manchester United
Everton v Aston Villa
Leicester City v Sheffield United
Manchester City v Bournemouth
Newcastle Utd v Tottenham Hotspur
Southampton v Brighton & H Albion
West Ham United v Watford
FT-PL Fixtures

George95 v toocool4u
Howie72 v Dizart
KrivoyRog v ozzz2002
LeoDaVinci v Fifiona81
N-Bomb v dg_dave
paper_aero v srini701
PaulE v gtho4
wwe84 v Sypher

3:00pm local time. You'll score zero for any game which started before you lodged your picks.

please note that tipping threads are not updated for any games which may have been brought forward

The fixture list is subject to change. Please don't wait until the deadline to lodge your tips as you will score zero for any game that has started e.g. one game may have an early kick-off at lunchtime, or a game is brought forward to Friday night. You can check for fixture changes on these two sites (two of many) : livescore.com/england/premier-league and bbc.co.uk/fixtures/premier-league .. the first site will give kick-off times in your local time, not UK time.