Week 23
Sat 4 April

    Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Clippers 3:30pm
    Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings
    Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets
    Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers
    Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics
    Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers
    Miami Heat at New York Knicks
    Dallas Mavericks at Brooklyn Nets
    Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets
    Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns
    Toronto Raptors at Houston Rockets
    Detroit Pistons at Minnesota Timberwolves
    New Orleans Pelicans at San Antonio Spurs
    Memphis Grizzlies at Portland Trail Blazers
    Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Lakers

midnight Friday night FT time, with a grace period of 2 hours
    Late tips after the deadline receive a one point deduction. Tips lodged after the start of the first game receive default.
The way to get things done is NOT to mind who gets the credit for doing them. --Benjamin Jowett
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