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#1245623 - Sun Oct 13 2019 10:48 AM Results & Standings .. NBA
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Tipping Comp

The NBA season is about two weeks away. Come one, come all and tip your way through the NBA!

  1. One point for a correct tip.
  2. Deadlines will be Friday midnight FT with a two hour grace period thereafter. The tipping comp organizer will determine if a post is late.
  3. Default is equal to the higher of six or Wooden Spoon score.
  4. Tips not in by the first game's tipoff will receive default score.
  5. We will tip the opening day games, then 15 games each weekend (all Saturday and enough Sunday/Monday to equal 15). Monday games will have stars beside them.
  6. As per the last several years, the midpoints around the All-Star weekend will not be tipped.

Bonus points:
  1. One point for picking a result solo, or one of two, provided 12 tippers apply.
  2. One point for picking 12 or more of 15. There were enough weeks last year that earned a near miss bonus, and this year's comp will determine next year's eligibility.
  3. Tippers will be ineligible for bonus points if they tip all homes or all bar one.

Sign up here if you are interested. smilee

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#1245624 - Sun Oct 13 2019 10:48 AM NBA 2019-20 ... sign-up sheet
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#1245626 - Sun Oct 13 2019 12:16 PM Re: NBA 2019-2020 ... sign-up sheet
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I'm in

#1246256 - Sat Oct 19 2019 04:51 AM Re: NBA 2019-20 ... sign-up sheet
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oz downunder


#1246686 - Tue Oct 22 2019 07:24 AM Re: NBA 2019-20 ... sign-up sheet
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I'm in.
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