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#1253649 - Sat Dec 21 2019 07:38 PM The Character with the Best Lines
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A thread to discuss the characters from various television show that seem to have the best lines. Here's two suggestions to start the discussion.

Grimlock from "The Transformers" for starting most of his lines with "Me, Grimlock".

Abraham from "The Walking Dead", whose best line might be "pouring the Bisquick".

#1254561 - Fri Jan 03 2020 03:39 PM Re: The Character with the Best Lines
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G'Kar from "Babylon 5" had some of the best-quotable lines ever. If you ever need a funny or inspirational quote, Google him.
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#1259988 - Fri Mar 06 2020 11:14 PM Re: The Character with the Best Lines
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I like Fin from SVU. He doesn't say much, but his one-liners make me laugh.
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