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#1266110 - Fri May 29 2020 10:29 AM Sad News - bloomsby
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I'm sorry to have to share the news that editor bloomsby has passed away.

He was already an editor when I got here in 2003, and his calm wisdom has help shepherd thousands of quizzes. He's leaving an enormous hole, and we miss him already.

#1266159 - Sat May 30 2020 12:11 AM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
ren33 Offline

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This is so sad. Calm wisdom is exactly the right description , I feel. He was intelligent and well read, in my experience. RIP.
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#1266319 - Sun May 31 2020 11:35 PM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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This is very sad news. He will be greatly missed.
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#1266413 - Mon Jun 01 2020 08:35 PM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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What a terrible shame. I spent some time talking to him after our meeting in 2004, he was such a lovely man and will be sorely missed by us all.
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#1266469 - Tue Jun 02 2020 11:28 AM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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I don't visit the forum side of Funtrivia as much as I used to do, but very sad indeed to hear of his passing xxx
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#1266470 - Tue Jun 02 2020 11:54 AM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
pmarney Offline

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Sorry to hear of this loss.

A couple of years ago there was a thread where we discussed what to do about FT members who had passed away and that they would have their profile page annotated with a wreath or a RIP note. I have tried to find the thread but have been unable to. Nothing happened then and maybe now is the time to raise it again. We have a couple of members who have passed and remember them on our team boards but something more widespread would honour them better.

The Devious Demons send their regards to bloomsby‘s family and team.
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#1266659 - Fri Jun 05 2020 08:25 PM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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I remember working with bloomsby on a quiz way back when...a great guy, and will be missed.
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#1278019 - Mon Nov 30 2020 03:21 PM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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John was my mentor when I first became an editor and he was as fine a teacher as he was a human being. I've been away from the forums for some time. This is very sad news to return to.


#1278033 - Mon Nov 30 2020 08:45 PM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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An amazing editor, and a great bloke. Vale, John!
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#1278480 - Mon Dec 07 2020 09:49 AM Re: Sad News - bloomsby
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He was so excited five years ago about the anniversary of the Magna Carta smile. I can smile now remembering that.


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