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#132981 - Sun Oct 06 2002 04:51 PM Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
Guess_Who Offline

Registered: Fri Oct 04 2002
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I been videos games playing date back in the early 90s but since we are in the year 2002, what are your favorite PS2 games? Mine are 'Final Fantasy X', Hots Shot Golf 3', 'Crazy Taxi', and 'Smackdown 3: Just Bring It'. I can't wait for 'Smackdown 4:SYM' and 'Final Fantasy XI' to come out.

#132982 - Sun Oct 06 2002 05:22 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
Lanni Offline

Registered: Tue Oct 02 2001
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Loc: Brooklyn New York USA  
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix is very addictive and is my favorite game by far. I have to admit though, I haven't played many Playstation games lately so there isn't really an array of games for me to choose from.

Crazy Taxi is fun.

#132983 - Mon Oct 07 2002 12:01 AM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
Sypher Offline

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I've played some games on the PS2 and I wasn't that impress with the graphics or gameplay for many of the games. Their are exceptions but they are being Medal of Honor.

Personally....I've got an X-Box and the machine is far more advance then the PS2 and the games are HALO !! Their are quite a lot of rubbish on both machines but the standard is improving which can only mean better games for the general public !!
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#132984 - Mon Oct 07 2002 12:11 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
LordAndry Offline

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DDR is great

gotta go with Gran Turismo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 3
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#132985 - Mon Oct 07 2002 12:36 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
aballinshadow Offline

Registered: Tue Feb 26 2002
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Loc: Canada
Personnally, since I love RPGs, it is Final Fantasy 10 for now.
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#132986 - Tue Oct 08 2002 11:30 AM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
resdog Offline

Registered: Mon Feb 11 2002
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Loc: Texas USA
My favorite P2 game so far is Stuntman. The graphics are awesome, and the video sequences are very entertaining.
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#132987 - Fri Oct 11 2002 04:37 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
wez Offline

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In reply to:

Personally....I've got an X-Box

Me too Syph.....
Halo has to be the greatest video game ever. It knocks both MGS and GTA111 (not to mention Gran Turismo's 1 2 and 3 ) into a cocked hat!

( "They're everywhere!!!!!!" )

However, I must admit, oweing to the fact that a lot of XBOX (tm) games are very sssssslllloooowww in the release stakes here in dear old Blighty, me and the ankle-biters made an executive decision to purchase a PS2 as well!!!!

Great titles such as the afore-mentioned GTA3, GT3 and MOH frontline were a contributory factor.

I'd say we're playing PS2 and XBOX on a 50/50 basis at the moment. However, we're licking our lips in anticipation at the thought of XBOX Live

As I believe youse lot in the States say....."Bring it on!" (OK .......we know we'll be a good deal of time behind, but we'll have had a lot of practice! )

(This week we have mostly been playing Conflict: Desert Storm, with our own soundtrack!!!!!! Just try doing that without a hard disk! )
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#132988 - Mon Nov 04 2002 09:16 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
TheTriviaKnight Offline

Registered: Tue Aug 27 2002
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Loc: California
I'm a big Sony Playstation one and two fan here.
Here's my list in no order:

Grand theft auto 3 (and soon Vice City)
Final Fantasy X (Not intrested in 11 since it's online, but I'm a big FF fan)
SSX Tricky (No one can beat me there)
Gran Turismo 3 ( I got an F1 car! ha)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 ( and soon 4)
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#132989 - Thu Oct 23 2003 02:35 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
Andy713 Offline
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I like Final Fantasy X and Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness. Like both of those games!

#132990 - Fri Jan 02 2004 04:14 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
marchmadness Offline

Registered: Tue Aug 06 2002
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Loc: Ontario Canada
Tomb Raider...James Bond: Agent Under Fire....NFL 2K2...ahh there's so many!
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#132991 - Tue Aug 17 2004 07:21 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
monkey774 Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 16 2004
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Syph and Wez got it right, Xbox is far more advanced than PS2. And I'd also like to mention the fact that... Halo is the best game ever! And Halo 2's gonna be s-w-e-e-t! And all of PS2s good games are also on Xbox (except Socom).

#132992 - Sat Aug 21 2004 06:04 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
DreamWolf Offline

Registered: Tue Jun 22 2004
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Loc: Geraldton, Western Australia
Gee, let me see.
"Vice City", "Vexx", Kingdom Hearts", "The Sims: Busting out" and "The Simpons: Hit And Run". Oh, another good one is "The Suffering" and "Jak and Daxter 2". The Suffering has alot of disgustingly gruesome beasts in it, and contains alot of I kinda' don't reccomend it for anyone faintless of blood IV!

#132993 - Sun Mar 06 2005 02:02 PM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
bartimaeus Offline
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Registered: Sun Mar 06 2005
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Dark chronicle
Final Fantasy x
Kingdom hearts
simpsons hit and run
jak and daxter
jak 2 renegade
Theese are my favourite ps2 games

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#132994 - Tue Mar 08 2005 06:11 AM Re: Favorite Playstation 2 Games?
reggie18 Offline

Registered: Tue Sep 14 2004
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Loc: Perth, Australia
Some of my faves are:

Final Fantasy X
Silent Hill
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Tomb Raider
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