Hello and welcome to the Challenge section of the Fun Trivia Forums. This is where you can try to stump us all with a challenge or two. If you are just after the answer to a question head over to the Why is the Sky Blue? forum. If the challenge does not have a finite end, such as a challenge chain, it belongs in the Chain Games forum.

If you are setting a challenge for everybody please remember to come back in and tell us that the answers are correct ... or even tell us the answers on the single question challenges. More importantly, if you are setting a challenge that isn't your original work, give credit to those whose work it is or a link to the website you got it from. It's only fair.

There are different sorts of challenges in this forum and we ask that you take care in reading the challenge before replying as the challenge setter usually stipulates how they want the answers to come. In the challenges that are multi questioned you are normally asked to answer one at a time and wait for others to answer so that people from all the time zones can have a go. There are also the single question challenges in which the challenge setter usually asks that the answer be sent to them via private message so, once again, everybody can have a crack at the answer. (You can send a private message by clicking on the name of the person , bringing up their profile and then following the private message link.) There are also the Trivia Challenge Threads =C= - Please read the first post of the thread which explains the rules of the challenge - this is not a Chain Game- only one trivia challenge thread will run at any one time - if you respond correctly to the challenge you must be prepared to set the next question in the thread.

On saying all of this, some challenges may be different again so read how the challenge setter wants the answers.

Like the rest of the Fun Trivia Forums there are a few other guidelines that apply to all sections. Please don't use capitals for all your words, don't use Internet abbreviations such as 'u' for 'you' or '2' for 'to' / 'too' and try to use proper spelling and grammar so it is easy for everyone, especially the non-English speaking members, to read.

your Challenge Moderators.

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