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#142928 - Fri Nov 29 2002 10:36 AM Is this True?
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I was search the internet for information on wheater or not you can revive Aeris (Final Fantasy VII) and I came across this site: How to Revive Aeris.
I won't to know if this would be a false rumor or worth the time to check into to see if it works. Most of the rumor I heard were false. But this look convincing to be true. What do you think?
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#142929 - Sat Nov 30 2002 12:48 AM Re: Is this True?
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It could be true. I'm not sure, it's been a while since I read things on FF7.
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#142930 - Thu Oct 23 2003 02:45 PM Re: Is this True?
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I have seen another way to revive Aeris, but the problem is that you need 16 mastered Life materias. Then, go to Ancient City, after going to that water thing, go to Rocket Town (make sure Cid and Tifa are in your team). Then, talk to someone (forgotten who you had to talk to). You should get an item and then, head back to the Water Statue. Ypu have revived Aeris and all of your 16 mastered materias disappear. Also, Aeris' level is the same as Cloud's (e.g. Cloud's level is 99, then Aeris' level is 99). I havn't tried this yet, but I will try to do this over the school holidays!


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