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#149056 - Tue Dec 31 2002 01:04 PM Pig Jaws A New Years Tradition
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LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- There's the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas ham and -- in parts of the South -- the New Year's hog jowl.

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#149057 - Tue Dec 31 2002 01:26 PM Re: Pig Jaws A New Years Tradition
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Sounds scrumptious - not!

However, there is controversy here (mostly between northerners and southerners as to the taste treat of eating beans on New Year's day.

When we lived in Spain, the idea was to pop a grape into your mouth at the stroke of midnight, one per second. Try gulping some as you are trying to get more in! It's lots of fun. We were lucky enough to be invited to a home of the owner of a vineyard and we stuffed huge grapes into our mouth. They don't make it easy. (Of course it would be lots easier if we could have done it in "liquid" form!)
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#149058 - Thu Jan 02 2003 12:02 PM Re: Pig Jaws A New Years Tradition
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This is one Southerner that never has nor has any interested in eating hog jowls, chitlins, boudin, or any other number of "southern" dishes.
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#149059 - Thu Jan 02 2003 01:31 PM Re: Pig Jaws A New Years Tradition
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A tradition dating back a couple of hundred years no doubt! If you like it then keep it going - In my youth (when any food was welcome) Sheeps Brains were a delicacy, Tripe (Cows Stomach) and Pigs Trotters (feet) were all considered to be a treat when served up for dinner. I'd certainly tuck in to your New Year Feast. (Mad Cows hold no fear in my quisine!) I've survived so far, but then I've only ever risked a McDonalds once and if asked again would eat the carton before the meal in it.


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