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#149138 - Tue Dec 31 2002 11:08 PM Man sentenced after shooting
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Wasn't sure where this should go.

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BANDERA, Texas (Reuters) -- A jury Thursday handed a life prison sentence to a Texas man who shot and killed a longtime friend he accused of drinking the last beer in his refrigerator.

Jurors deliberated for less than two hours before passing the sentence on Steven Brasher, 42, for the murder of Willie Lawson, 39, on November 5 last year.

"There was only two beers left, so I took one, and I told Willie not to take my last beer," Brasher said in a taped statement that was played during the trial.

Testimony showed Brasher shot Lawson in the head with a pistol after the two began arguing over the missing beer. Brasher maintained the shooting was an accident.

Well, he did warn him

#149139 - Tue Dec 31 2002 11:17 PM Re: Man sentenced after shooting
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Well, he did warn him

You have such a way with words, Copago!

I can't imagine getting that worked up over a beer, but then again I don't really care for the taste of beer. Besides, a TRUE friend wouldn't mind you taking his last beer.
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#149140 - Wed Jan 01 2003 02:06 PM Re: Man sentenced after shooting
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well Alcohol is more powerful than friendship!
cheers to that (????)

#149141 - Thu Jan 02 2003 01:59 PM Re: Man sentenced after shooting
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Well I'd have settled for drinking half of the can and just getting shot in the leg!

But seriously, when I hear of something like this involving such a well ...trivial reason for a death, I have mixed feelings about it.

Half of me thinks it's a joke because it is almost like a comedy sketch scenario, then I feel bad because I saw humour in it. The other half can't understand how anyone can get so angry over a can of beer that it leads to a death ...and then I see the tragedy of the event.

It goes to show though that we can find humour in anything.
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