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#149629 - Fri Jan 03 2003 12:58 PM Star Fox Adventures Video Game
BrainyBlonde Offline

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This is not a trivia question, but please indulge me as this is one place I know I can receive help quickly. Guess what just froze over!!! LOL!!! Brainy Blonde is hooked on a video game called Star Fox Adventures. If there is anyone online that knows anything about it, your immediate assistance is urgently needed and will be most appreciated. My friend's son and I have just upgraded our staff with the Ice Blaster and cannot figure out how to extinguish the four torches in the Volcano Force Point Temple permanently. Can anyone help?
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#149630 - Fri Jan 03 2003 01:27 PM Re: Star Fox Adventures Video Game
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This really belongs over in Games and Competitions BB.
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#149631 - Fri Jan 03 2003 02:09 PM Re: Star Fox Adventures Video Game
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Why don't you search for FAQs at some gamesite like or ??
It might help!


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