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#149836 - Sat Jan 04 2003 02:57 AM Thank You FT
ThaReaper Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 26 2002
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I would like to personally take the time to thank some of the people here at FT for making me fell welcome and helping me with questions that I have had, When I first came here some of my jokes were considered "dirty" I thank gilly for setting me straight. I thank Copago, you have helped me with any question I have had with prompt answers and didn't make me fell like I was lacking common sense. I thank ozz for offering to give me Brain Teasers to stump the people of the Challenges. We will get them next time my friend. I thank telly and Sue for helping me with making a website of my own.....Your info has been helpful....I thank babymoo for responding to my jokes and letting me know I made you laugh. I thank the the people that were kind enough to be in my chains. I hope you had fun with them and continue too. I thank HUTZ!!!!!! for making me laugh a lil with every post you made. I thank jazz for giving an arguement that made sense to me when it didnt to others. To all the rest that have made me feel welcome I thank you, oh and Terry.....since I never see you anywhere......Thx I can honestly say I made a few friends here....errrr alot, that I hope I will always be in touch with ........

DRINK 6 FOR ME!!!!!!!

#149837 - Sat Jan 04 2003 03:24 AM Re: Thank You FT
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Thank you, too, Reaper for the friendship, and for all the laughs!

When I first signed up here, I never imagined making all the friends I have.
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#149838 - Sat Jan 04 2003 03:33 AM Re: Thank You FT
Copago Offline

Registered: Tue May 15 2001
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awww, shucks!

Always ready to help

#149839 - Sat Jan 04 2003 08:03 AM Re: Thank You FT
sue943 Offline

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Thanks for that Reap. It has to be said that from time to time we do get a new member who takes a little time to understand how we like to do things here, then they fit in very well and become very much a part of the site. Nice to have you about.
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#149840 - Sat Jan 04 2003 12:33 PM Re: Thank You FT
DieHard Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 10 2001
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Reap, you are the kind of person that puts the fun in Funtrivia. Definitely one of FT's most colorful and endearing personalities. You are always a pleasure!

(My three year old just saw your avatar and said "Look at the monster, Daddy." I said "That's no monster, it's just Reap. )
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#149841 - Sat Jan 04 2003 01:54 PM Re: Thank You FT
LadyCaitriona Offline
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I know just how you feel, Reap! My first appearance in the forums I made a complete donkey of myself (Jazz will remember that). But here I am two years later, volunteering as an editor at this fabulous site, with a passel of the greatest friends I could hope for.

I'm glad you've found your niche, Reap. Welcome to the family!
Chan fhiach cuirm gun a comhradh.
A feast is no use without good talk.

#149842 - Sat Jan 04 2003 05:59 PM Re: Thank You FT
makoto Offline
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Registered: Wed Sep 04 2002
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Thank you too reaper ...
1. you are a friend

2. you make me laugh

3. you give me headache your challenges are wicked

i'll drink 6 ok .......


#149843 - Sat Jan 04 2003 06:29 PM Re: Thank You FT
ElfTwinkle Offline
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Registered: Wed Jul 10 2002
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Thank you Reaper for helping to brighten my days:

1) I do read your jokes, although I seldom post a response after --- your jokes have provided me with many a chuckle, they make me laugh and brighten my day.

2) I even enjoy the headaches that your Challenge Bowl questions are giving me --- I've always been one to read any kind of puzzle and try to find the solution. I have a feeling that you'll eventually beat me, the question is when. Makoto has it right when she says that your questions are 'wicked' --- they most certainly are wicked! Keep the questions comin' --- I'm enjoying the challenge of solving them!

3) I consider you to be one of many good friends I've made here at FunTrivia.

I'll drink 6 for ya ... eventually.

#149844 - Sat Jan 04 2003 06:52 PM Re: Thank You FT
Moo Offline
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Registered: Thu Mar 21 2002
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I forgot to add that I do think of you as a friend, even though you were ruthlessly HUNTING me.......
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#149845 - Sun Jan 05 2003 10:00 AM Re: Thank You FT
ette Offline

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You are so right Reaps. The people who come to this site are the nicest and warmest people.
Thanks bringing it up
The trick in life is learning how to deal with it

#149846 - Sun Jan 05 2003 10:25 AM Re: Thank You FT
lil_bash Offline
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I'd drink 6 if i could but i'm too young Reap, so i'll make them a cola x6!
Don't trust in anything you can't spell.

#149847 - Sun Jan 05 2003 10:34 AM Re: Thank You FT
fringe Offline

Registered: Wed May 29 2002
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Cheers Reap...keep up the good work

I'm sure I can manage to drink 6 for you ... if you really insist

#149848 - Sun Jan 05 2003 05:42 PM Re: Thank You FT
Callybub Offline

Registered: Sat Sep 08 2001
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Thank you too Reap. You make me laugh and you make me feel like I am remotely interesting when I think that no one finds me interesting enough to talk to. Thanks also for broadening my technical horizons without making me feel like a bimbo for not knowing about the very simplest of things.
Cheers mate I will have a cheap Dutch lager in your honour!
Jai guru deva, ohmmmm......

#149849 - Mon Jan 06 2003 06:17 PM Re: Thank You FT
LordAndry Offline

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why is everyone here being so nice to the reaper?

I mean he whacks peeps, for cyring out loud
did you see 'Dogma' he's a regular Matt Damon Angel of Death!

oh yeah, he's a Lakers fan...
uh...I guess he's OK then

Smile, it makes people wonder what you are thinking.


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