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#151034 - Wed Jan 08 2003 02:36 PM Etiquette Questions
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I have a question about etiquette, and I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread devoted to the genre. I can't be the only one who needs a little "Miss Manners" advice now and then!

To start things off, here's mine:

A friend of the family sent me a set of 8 notecards. She attached a note that said that she thought of me when she saw them and wanted me to have them. When I write my thank you note to her, is it ok for me to use one of the notecards? I'd love to do that, but I didn't want her to think, "I didn't mean for you to write ME on them - now you've wasted one!" But, I really do love them and can't think of a more perfect thank you note than on the cards themselves. Ok? Not ok?

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#151035 - Wed Jan 08 2003 03:25 PM Re: Etiquette Questions
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damned if you do and damned if you don't - I'd use one of he cards for a thank you, it would show you appreciated the gift and thought them worth using.

#151036 - Wed Jan 08 2003 04:08 PM Re: Etiquette Questions
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You might say in the card how much you loved them, that you couldn't wait to use one!
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#151037 - Wed Jan 08 2003 04:48 PM Re: Etiquette Questions
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I like Lady Caits answer! I've always written the thank you note on note cards given to me - but I never thought of saying that! Excellent idea!
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#151038 - Wed Jan 08 2003 05:54 PM Re: Etiquette Questions
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...might also ask where you could purchase more! Because they're so lovely, of course!

#151039 - Wed Jan 08 2003 07:52 PM Re: Etiquette Questions
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I like the ideas given so far. Not only are you showing her you like the cards, and can't wait to use them, but it also shows that you think enough of her to want to use the first one to send her a note.
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#151040 - Wed Jan 08 2003 08:00 PM Re: Etiquette Questions
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Linda I think it is absolutely right to use one of the cards. The suggestions already given are appropriate. What surprises me is that so many people these days would not even think of sending a thank you note.

On writing letters and thank you notes:
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#151041 - Thu Jan 09 2003 04:16 AM Re: Etiquette Questions
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I guess you could say that you appreciated her choosing them for you and so you'd like her to be the first beneficiary.

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#151042 - Thu Jan 09 2003 05:18 AM Re: Etiquette Questions
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Putting a twist on this, if you don't use one Linda she will think either that you prefer to use plain paper or that you have plenty already so her gift was less welcome. You just have to use one!
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