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#152445 - Mon Jan 13 2003 09:42 PM Illusion
ThaReaper Offline

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[Caution: Do not perform this illusion if you suffer from Extreme Short-sightedness]

Step 1: Hold your left Thumb midway between the screen and your face so that just above the tip of your thumb you see the crazed smily.............

Step 2: Keep your thumb in that position. Now tilt your head 5 inches to your left (if you are left-handed). If you are right handed, then tilt 5 inches to your RIGHT so that this crazed smily is just above your line of sight..........

Step 3: Now comes the tricky part SLOWLY move your thumb from current position towards your nose (whilst looking at it) until you can kind of see your one thumb become 2 blurry thumbs. For most folk this equates to an absolute minimum of about 8 centimetre (3 inch) distance from your nose.

Step 4: Now, your head should STILL have been tilted slightly. If it wasn't then those idiot folk will have to go back to step 2. Everybody else: Now tilt your head in the opposite direction and then back and close your eyes for about 5 seconds. When you open them, scroll down to be amazed!!!


The Only 'Astonishing' Thing About This 'Illusion' was the fact that you actually tried it..... I hope someone was watching you do this at your house or office and they think you are insane.

#152446 - Tue Jan 14 2003 02:49 AM Re: Illusion
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Boy, you and I are going to have to have a long talk one of these days.....................

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And then bury all your clothes
Paint your left knee green
Then extract your wisdom teeth." [/color]

#152447 - Tue Jan 14 2003 08:35 AM Re: Illusion
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...........and i'll be having a little word in his ear also babymoo


#152448 - Tue Jan 14 2003 01:45 PM Re: Illusion
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Also, do not perform this illusion if you suffer from credulity.
Some days it just doesn't seem worth trying to chew through the restraints.

#152449 - Tue Jan 14 2003 02:43 PM Re: Illusion
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I'll be talking in whatever ear Babymoo and Makoto leave for me to talk into.

Methinks Tha Reap has too much free time on his hands!


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