Welcome to the Computers and Technology forum.

This forum's topics range from computer problems and computers in general, through to the latest technology and new-fangled ideas found all over the world.

The forum very much relies on your input. If you have anything to say, or questions to raise, related to Computers, Technology, Electrical or Electronic equipment we're sure that many FunTrivia members will be interested to read your posts and make comments.

Please note! If you wish to ask a computer question, please give the following information if possible:

* The type of operating system (i.e. W.98 - W.98SE - Windows ME - Windows 2000 - Windows XP Home - Windows XP Pro - Windows Vista).

* Amount of Memory (RAM).

* Processor speed (and type if known).

* Any other information about the computer hardware & software you feel may be relevant.


Listed below are the standard rules and regulations:

The Moderators of the FunTrivia forums have agreed on some standards to help make the forums a pleasant place for everyone to visit, whatever their age or nationality.

We are all here because of our interest in technology. We have people here of different ages and from different countries. Here are some things we can all do to communicate a little bit better.

1. Please use proper capitalization. Writing in CAPS LOCK or all lower-case makes your posts difficult to read, and are unpleasant on the eye.

2. If you aren't sure how to spell a word, please take the time to look up the spelling. It makes your post more attractive and easier to read. If you are using Internet Explorer you may find useful a spell checker add-on called ieSpell that can check the spelling of your paragraphs before posting in the forum. This can be found at: www.iespell.com

3. Please don't use Internet abbreviators such as 'u' and 'c'. They can be difficult to understand for non-native English speakers.

Thanks for your cooperation! FunTrivia is one of the best sites on the web - let's keep it that way!

Leau & tellywellies (Moderators of the Computers & Technology forum).

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