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#154664 - Fri Jan 24 2003 04:57 AM What the.......... explain your FT name
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I've often wondered where all the slick, the not so slick, the odd and the very very odd handles originate from.

For example - I always thought Coolupway was a particularly silly name. How can you even invent a word like that? It was admitted in a recent post that it be the moniker of an Aussie racehorse. Fair call.

thejazzkickazz is also a popular sight in the forum. Self-explanatory name? Perhaps. Is there more to it Jazz?

Bruyere . Is that French for something? Maybe it's a number past ten which is where my French finds its boundaries.

Has anyone wondered where Telly got his wellies or if Copago is a shortened line from a Peter Allan song.

Bertho is a nickname I got stuck with about ten years ago at work and it's followed me around the industry I'm in. Add that to the fact my name is hard to pronounce after a few beers that Bertho just stuck. It's better than a few nicknames I've been honoured with.

So share the logic behind your FT name. I'm sure others are as curious as I am.

#154665 - Fri Jan 24 2003 05:16 AM Re: What the.......... explain your FT name
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Check this thread in The Commons. You'll find all you need to know in there!
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#154666 - Fri Jan 24 2003 05:18 AM Re: What the.......... explain your FT name
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Mine's simple Bertho (I pronounce yours in my head with a T sound as I've gone Frenchie I guess!), it's just literally the Heather plant or flower. It's also the name of a famous French writer who has a particle...
It's also sentimental to me, as my real names both have seven letters and that one is very close to my real name. seven letters and several of the same ones...
Feels right somehow.
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#154667 - Fri Jan 24 2003 07:33 AM Re: What the.......... explain your FT name
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Closing this thread as there is already one exactly the same in the forum.
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