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#154668 - Fri Jan 24 2003 07:38 AM Essential Personnel?
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Here in my part of the country, we are having a few days of rough weather, with snow and temps around 0 degrees F. A lot of schools are closed due to very low wind chills.

I noticed while watching the morning news on the TV, in addition to the schools, there were a lot of businesses that were listed with the caption "essential personnel only report".

If you are not essential, why do you have a job there?

If you saw this announcement on TV regarding your place of employment, would you show up for work?

Just curious........
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#154669 - Fri Jan 24 2003 08:10 AM Re: Essential Personnel?
wajo Offline

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I'm self-employed so I like to think I'm fairly 'essential' - in that if I don't show up we don't eat!

#154670 - Fri Jan 24 2003 08:20 AM Re: Essential Personnel?
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WHen I was unemployed in Hawaii for a few months (didn't last long as I just took a job at dog stand! Literally!) they gave me a card in case of emergencies, to report for my civic duty!
It had "waitress" on I needed waitress jobs to get enough hours to pay for my school...then...I figured I'd report and say, "anyone want a cocktail?" "Everything ok sir? Nevermind that sound out there.we've got things under control."

Seriously though, as if this were possible, I do remember the State troopers closing down the expressways around Philadelphia and giving citations for anyone out on the roads...during the blizzards and ice storms of 93...they also said essential personnel...
I guessed conjugating verbs mattered little...but the university was stuck with hundreds of unnoccupied students in their dorms...and they'd call me up and harrass me for not coming to work!
But until the troopers opened the roads I told them no dice...
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#154671 - Fri Jan 24 2003 09:00 AM Re: Essential Personnel?
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I think the place would come to a halt without me.

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