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#154743 - Fri Jan 24 2003 03:25 PM Now THIS is trivia!
sue943 Offline

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On Tuesday, 08 April 2003 I will be 230 Mercurian years old!

I heard about a website (on the radio yesterday) which will allow you to calculate some strange things, like how long your fingernails would be if you had never cut them from birth (on average), on which date you will be a certain number of minutes old - all the sort of stuff you really never needed to know.
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#154744 - Fri Jan 24 2003 03:34 PM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
tellywellies Offline
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I think I'll calculate my age in Martian years from now on. I'm only 31 in them.

In Jovian years I'm nearly 5 so should be starting school in a month or two.
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#154745 - Fri Jan 24 2003 04:25 PM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
draculanut31 Offline

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Haha, this is fun Sue! In Mercurian years I'm 89.63 years old. In Jovian years I'm 1.82. Boy, I haven't gotten very far in life have I??
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#154746 - Sat Jan 25 2003 03:24 AM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
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My fingernails would be 32 inches long if I had never cut them.

In Marsian years, I am 16.86 years old. I remember 16.....
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#154747 - Sat Jan 25 2003 11:31 AM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
LadyCaitriona Offline
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I'll be 88 Mercurian years old on February 1 2003! That's only a week away! I should tell my friends to go out and buy me presents!

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#154748 - Sat Jan 25 2003 05:06 PM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
Callybub Offline

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I have been reading about how the US is hoping to send someone to Mars. I think I will volunteer myself. I am only 14 there and I think it would be really nice to relive my teens and not make all the dumb mistakes that I did!
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#154749 - Sat Jan 25 2003 06:35 PM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
quaxo Offline

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Wow, I can time travel! Thanks for the fun.


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#154750 - Sun Jan 26 2003 06:35 PM Re: Now THIS is trivia!
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Yeay, great site! Thanks for sharing it, Sue.

I'm with Telly, I'll stick to Marsian years thanks!!
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