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#154789 - Sun Jan 26 2003 12:52 PM Re: Search yourself!
jubjub Offline

Registered: Sat Jun 15 2002
Posts: 602
Loc: Southern Ontario, Canada
Well, I had some interesting results when I entered my actual name - a Latvian geneology web site, two rural cemeteries in the U.S. -one in Pennsylvania and one in California - a list of oral surgeons somewhere in the U.K. and a marijuana promoting web site!
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#154790 - Sun Jan 26 2003 01:23 PM Re: Search yourself!
quaxo Offline

Registered: Fri Oct 18 2002
Posts: 86
Loc: New York USA
My name generated many "Cats" related sites. There was also a web designer . There were so many I didn't look at them all. My surname, however, came up with a lot more than I thought since there are not many of us in the USA (or so I thought). One is a famous Italian Basketball Player another is a critic for a movie site called Rotten Tomatoes. Well we've got that in common. All of you out there in Quizzyland are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creative! I love this site!
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#154791 - Sun Jan 26 2003 10:42 PM Re: Search yourself!
meshkenet Offline

Registered: Sat Jul 20 2002
Posts: 40
Loc: South of the North Pole
My screen name yielded ME!!!! here on FunTrivia, and oh surprise!, I'm also a part of a tectonic plate on Venus...go figure, nothing on Egyptian mythology
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#154792 - Mon Jan 27 2003 03:41 AM Re: Search yourself!
Bruyere Offline
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Registered: Sat Feb 10 2001
Posts: 18804
Loc: California USA
I once stuck in my sister's real first and middle names, as the chances of finding that name would be rather narrow...I came up with a website someone had dreamed up. With her names! I wrote a little note and said my sister had those two names and how unusual...she wrote me back and said, "I hope she doesn't mind me using the name on the's the name I chose when I became a woman." I told her that my sister would have absolutely no problem with that, just be tickled that her name existed elsewhere.
My sister's middle name exists, it's a Scandinavian royalty name, but we're not sure how the folks dreamed it up. But as her first name isn't the top ten either (one of the witches on Charmed I think has it) it was funny to see it.

By the way, saw a character in a film called "Chenille" last night...if you put that name in, you're going to be surprised, it means caterpillar. Sometimes used for a gear wheel, like a tractor feeder device. Many of the French names in America are like this though.
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#154793 - Mon Jan 27 2003 05:09 PM Re: Search yourself!
tanzen Offline
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Registered: Tue Oct 02 2001
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Loc: Melbourne
VIC Australia
Plugging "Tanzen" into Google or some other similar search engine always brings up pretty much the same kinds of sites. In saying that, they are pretty much the same as in they are pretty much all German.... alarms and no suprises...
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#154794 - Mon Jan 27 2003 05:36 PM Re: Search yourself!
Coolupway Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 26 2002
Posts: 1131
The harness horse (pacer) Coolup Way, from whom I have taken my name, would be, if he were alive today (which I doubt) 39 years old. Nonetheless he is mentioned in an August 27, 2002 column in about another old Oz hoss named Alecane. Alecane apparently ran in the West Australia Pacing Cup in December of 1972 and lost in the consolation to none other than Coolup Way.

Amazing what one comes across on the 'net!

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#154795 - Mon Jan 27 2003 09:31 PM Re: Search yourself!
BaronTR Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 30 2002
Posts: 40
Loc: Arlington TX
I admit I'd never tried my name under Google before. The only 2 references for me were from Fun Trivia (you mean that's going to be my only highlight in the on-line world?). There was a hit for a swedish Baron who trains dressage riders.

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