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#155066 - Sat Jan 25 2003 03:24 PM My screen name
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Fringe has asked down in Feedback that we identify ourselves since there seem to be some changing of identities. I think that is a fair request. I know there are a few of us who used to be someone else way back when. Now that we can change screen names, we would like to use our former names. That is what happened in my case.

Amazing name, how sweet the sound
Jar was all I knew before
Then poof it was gone, but now it's found
Twas June, but now that's lore

Jar AKA June

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#155067 - Sat Jan 25 2003 03:42 PM Re: My screen name
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Jubjub here, formerly blue, originally jubjub! Like many FT people, I had to change my name after the "great changeover" of several months back. I am glad to be once again be known as jubjub!
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#155068 - Sat Jan 25 2003 04:01 PM Re: My screen name
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I think Fringe's suggestion that those people who changed their names put a note in their signature is an excellent one. Often in posts people will address a person who has contributed to the thread, this is now going to make nonsense of the threads as the person they appear to be addressing no longer exists. If you put a note that you were 'formerly ....' this will be helpful.
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#155069 - Sat Jan 25 2003 04:04 PM Re: My screen name
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Good point, Sue.
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