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#155180 - Sat Jan 25 2003 07:54 PM Interesting site.
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I know this is probably quite morbid but there is a site where you can find out the exact date of your death and how many seconds you have left to live.

Now this date differs depending on your outlook on life; optimistic, pessimistic etc. I don't think this should be taken with any seriousness but it can be quite humourous to see that you should've died in 1994 had you look on life been sadistic!! Warning : Do not look if you have a fear of dying!!!

Death Clock

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#155181 - Sat Jan 25 2003 08:20 PM Re: Interesting site.
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The world will have to suffer me for 65 more years - now thats a horrifying thought!
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#155182 - Sun Jan 26 2003 08:59 AM Re: Interesting site.
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According to death clock,

Normal: Wednesday 10th October 2068 aged 79.
Pessimistic: Thursday 31st July 2053 aged 64.
Sadistic: Tuesday 10th October 2028 aged 39.(!)
optimistic: Wednesday 10th December 2092 aged 103.

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