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#157538 - Fri Feb 07 2003 10:22 AM Sometimes We Need a Little Reminder...
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Hi, I want to share this email with you, that I received from my best friend. This is a true story of something that happened to her recently at the university she attends.


Okay. Here I am, sitting and typing away at the keyboard, and one of those
deaf people come by, asking me for my hard-earned money in exchange for a
little button. I support them when I can. He gives me this button, and I
give him what money I have in my wallet - 50 cents. He takes one look at
what I give him, and holds out his hand as if to say "50 cents? That's it?"
And I write him a note saying "That's all I have..." and I show him the
contents of my wallet. He then proceeds to take my money AND he takes the
button back! WELL! I have never been so shocked in all my life! The
little card says "PAY ANY PRICE," and I paid what I would. I then proceed
to write him a letter along the lines of "You asked me for my money in
exchange for a button. I watched you walk through the computer area with
person after person shaking their head. Out of the kindness of my heart, I
give you what little money I have, and you decide that it's not enough.
Perhaps it is not enough for you, but it's plenty enough for me. Either you
give me back my money, or you give me a button." At this point, he tries to
walk away from me, but I step in front of him. Maybe I was being rude, and
I know that two wrongs don't make a right, but I'll be damned if I will be
treated that way by ANYONE, regardless of their capabilities. I like to
think that I'm a kind person by nature, and I like to think that people
appreciate that kindness...maybe I'm not as kind-hearted as I like to think
I am. You can let me know. Either way, I was not about to sit back and let
him just get away with treating people like that. So I again handed him the
note, but I first wrote something else on the bottom. "How is the price
that I pay any less important to you than the money that someone else might
give you? Any little bit helps." At this point, all I want is some
explanation. Still, he gives me this defiant, stubborn look. So, I shoot
him an evil look and go back to my computer, thoroughly infuriated with the
whole situation.

So again, he is canvassing the computer area where I am still sitting,
stewing over what happened and getting more cynical, bitter, and angry about
this whole "money for a button" deal. Meanwhile, there is another person
here canvassing as well. He stops at my desk and leaves a button. I write
him a note: "I am sorry that I have no money for you, save for 7 cents. I
gave 50 cents to the man over there, and he took it without giving me a
button. I would like to help you, and I wish that I had more to give." I
point to the man who stole my money, and then I put the 7 cents left in my
wallet in the hand of the man standing beside me He looks at me and then
takes my hand and turns it over so my palm is facing up towards him. He
puts his hand over mine, leaving in it a button and 7 cents. He smiles at
me and then walks away.

I was hesitant about giving my money to the second man, thinking that he
would shrug it off. After all, it was just 7 cents. But all people deserve
a chance, and we shouldn't let the actions of one speak for the actions of
all. Sometimes, we need to have our eyes opened once again to the goodness
in the world around us and the people who exist in that world.

I thank you all for being like that second man, for opening my eyes to the
goodness in the people and the world around me, and for continuing to
reteach me lessons that I forget or take for granted.

I hope that this touches you the way it touched me. She's the most wonderful person; I love her like she was my sister.
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#157539 - Fri Feb 07 2003 04:37 PM Re: Sometimes We Need a Little Reminder...
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That is a beautiful story. It illustrates the power of kindness. Your friend is truly kind, and we need more people in the world like her.
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