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#158156 - Tue Feb 11 2003 02:00 AM Where did sagesteps thread go?
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Before anyone has a chance to ask, I deleted it.

Why? I deleted it as sagesteps only ever comes to FT in order to promote these sites, never contributing in any other way to FT.

We have nothing particular against this type of site, OK they rely heavily on adverts which can make them rather spam-like but we have in the past been quite happy to have links here posted by our regular members, those who contribute by posting in a number of threads on a variety of subjects.

What we do object to very much is a person coming to FT for the sole purpose of linking to these sites. Sagesteps has been told by PM but obviously didn't understand or chose to ignore what was said... hence this very public message.

So sagesteps, please stop posting links to these sites.
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#158157 - Tue Feb 11 2003 02:13 AM Re: Where did sagesteps thread go?
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Sue, I did see this post before it was edited out. It makes sense to me! While not advertising a "product" per se, it was quite self promotional re: the links posted, and seemed more concerned with being in the "top ten" of such sites, than the actual benefits it they might provide. No problems here! I had my own questions about the posting.


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