This bears repeating, as it seems to have become a problem once more. One of the other forums said it well, so I'm reposting it (with a few modifications) here for everyone to read.


Some people appear to be ignoring the request in the guidelines regarding spoilers. I am repeating it here. PLEASE have consideration for other members who haven't had the opportunity of reading a book yet for themselves.

Try not to spoil the Book Corner for other people. If you want to say something which may spoil it for others, try writing "SPOILER" (yes, I'll let you write just that word in CAPS LOCK) as the first line of your post. You don't need to add a ton of lines in between, just writing it at the top of your post will be helpful.

A spoiler is any sort of information which 'gives away' the story for someone who has not yet read it.

Thank you.

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