mothballed parts of forum

Old timers in this place will remember the Fun & Games forum which, by a process of metamorphosis or transmogrification, or both, became Games & Competitions in Oct 01, and then Tipping Competitions in January this year. A short history of that forum is here: Metamporphisis Part II. The remainder of the Fun & Games forum, and its threads, were mothballed, and some were placed in C&T.

As there have been many requests over the past year or so for a Forum devoted to games, those mothballed threads, along with the threads placed in the C&T forum, have been collected and placed together in here, in this new forum -- the old forum has been revived with the real original name The Games Room. Games may also be played in here (not tipping comps!) e.g. if someone has the energy, Jabberwock's Pyrawords is one game that can be revived. We'll give this forum a few months to develop, and see how it pans out.

Some nostalgia .. this is what FT looked like back in June 2000: A Blast From The Past
Thanks to fjohn for the link! The "Wayback Machine"