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#199077 - Thu Oct 30 2003 01:19 AM Myst
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Remember back when only the newest and most expensive PC's had CD-ROM, when most of us thought these 3.5 inch discs were genius, back when a 400MB hardrive was a bottomless pit that could never be filled.... ever! Along came a game that welcomed all to the mysterious and enchanting world of Myst.

The game of ‘Myst’ still carries the record of any PC game for most copies sold. It is the horror of any post 'Myst' gamer, the ‘shoot-em up era,’ that a virtual slideshow could hold such an honour in the world of 3-D engines and Real Time Strategies. They may scoff, but as computers where getting faster and penetrating the average home, Myst was a welcome example of potential for the home PC. As more and more home PC’s sold, more and more people experienced ‘Myst.’ It crossed genres, old and young, men, woman and kids. To me it represents an era of developing technology, a beautiful multimedia slideshow, and well deserving of its success. I’d happily say it’s the greatest game of all time.

So what’s your experience with ‘Myst?’ What did you think? Did it capture your imagination? Was it over-rated? Was it the first game you played on your shiny new machine?

#199078 - Thu Oct 30 2003 10:44 AM Re: Myst
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oh god

good times

Myst was so awesome
I was so addicted

I loved the puzzles
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#199079 - Wed Nov 03 2004 03:38 PM Re: Myst
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I've always heard good things about this game and wanted to check it out but I never seemed to get around to it too late to play this? Or should I say, has it become passé? Is this game still worth playing on today's systems? Sorry if these seem like dumb questions but since reading your above posts it reminds of how much I wanted to try this game...looking forward to hearing back...
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#199080 - Thu Nov 04 2004 04:16 PM Re: Myst
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Great game! Probably the first game that really held my attention...well, that and Doom 2.
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