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#22864 - Tue Apr 04 2000 11:39 PM Einstein
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In 1955, when he was dying in the hospital, Albert Einstein spoke his last words to a nurse assigned to him. Why didn't the nurse tell anyone what his last words were?

#22865 - Tue Apr 04 2000 12:16 PM Re: Einstein
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He spoke them in German and the nurse didn't speak or understand German

eins, zwei, drei

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#22866 - Tue Apr 04 2000 12:27 PM Re: Einstein
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You are correct makebeleaffan!! Einstein's native language was German. He spoke to the nurse in German, but the nurse did not understand German.

#22867 - Wed Apr 05 2000 11:43 PM Re: Einstein
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Actually I think it was: "I vas only choking about der E=MC2 ting."

#22868 - Wed Apr 05 2000 11:45 PM Re: Einstein
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gustav, you're so funny!

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#22869 - Sun Dec 19 2004 11:57 AM Re: Einstein
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i think iv herd somthing about that but also im sure he figgured somting out

#22870 - Fri May 06 2005 11:57 AM Re: Einstein
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In his will,Einstien left his brain to science!It is currently on display at a Kansas museum.They dissected part of it,but most of it is intact.

#22871 - Mon Jun 06 2005 02:13 PM Re: Einstein
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"eins, zwei, drei"

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#22872 - Fri Jun 10 2005 04:46 AM Re: Einstein
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Catlover, please check the starting date of threads before posting. It is not helpful in this forum for members to bring up very old threads such as Rome_Leader did with this one - he is now an EX-member for doing just this.
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