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#230098 - Thu Jun 10 2004 01:00 PM Ray Charles Died
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#230099 - Thu Jun 10 2004 01:05 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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Such a wonderful man with amazing talent.

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#230100 - Thu Jun 10 2004 02:03 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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he will be missed!

#230101 - Thu Jun 10 2004 02:51 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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I absolutely adored his music, a sad loss indeed.
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#230102 - Thu Jun 10 2004 03:33 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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Nobody, and I mean nobody, could sing "America the Beautiful" like Ray Charles. It gives me chills. A very talented man that will be missed.
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#230103 - Thu Jun 10 2004 06:01 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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...and Seven Spanish Angels took another Angel home...

Rest in Peace, were a master and will live on for many years to come...
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#230104 - Thu Jun 10 2004 09:13 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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This is so creepy, I was wondering just yesterday about when he was going to pass away. It is so sad he is one of the greats.
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#230105 - Thu Jun 10 2004 09:44 PM Re: Ray Charles Died
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My lasting memory is of him playing 'Tailfeather' on the electric organ in the 'Blues Brother', and hanging the poster upside-down..
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#230106 - Fri Jun 11 2004 04:37 AM Re: Ray Charles Died
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Let us all hope that, in Heaven, there is both vision and a piano handy. What a talent Mr. Charles was!
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