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#23550 - Wed May 17 2000 11:25 PM What I learned reading through old posts
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1. After about 1 hr (or 50-75 posts), your brain will hurt, and you will have to stop =)
2. There are a lot of unanswered challenges floating around (too many to bring them all up here)
3. My attempt at a original post, (that being a paragraph with no "E"s) was done about, oh 5 or 6 times by others. hehehe (not to mention the reference to the novel "GADSBY", with 50,000 words in it, none of which have any E's. uh, yikes)
4. People come and people go, never to be heard from again, but TJ is a constant , and is hard to stump. (but he's not infallible)
5. Did I mention my head hurts?

#23551 - Thu May 18 2000 09:56 AM Re: What I learned reading through old posts
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Gunslinger will attest to that!
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