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#244882 - Tue Nov 02 2004 08:49 AM Re: October Trivia Rounds!
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Here are the results for the last round of October.

1. An island off the coast of Queensland.

10 points: Dunk Is, Russell Is, Mornington Is, Daydream Is, Lady Elliot Is, Magnetic Is, Moreton Is, Heron Is
5 points: Hinchinbrook Is (2)

Not mentioned: Stacks including Fraser Is, Great Keppel Island, Stradbroke Is, Bribie Is, Hamilton Is, Hayman Is.

2. A philosopher BCE.

10 points: Zeno, Anaxagoras, Socrates, Parmenides, Heraclites
5 points: Theophrastus (2), LaoTzu (2)

Rejected: Hippocrates was a physician not a philosopher

Not mentioned: Stacks but some popular ones were Aristotle, Cicero, Confucius, Diogenes, Plato

3. A makeup/cosmetic company starting with 'C'.

10 points: Clarins, Clinique, Careline (Israeli co.), Chase Era Enterprises Ltd, Cover Me Beautiful, Cover Girl, Crabtree and Evelyn (this was a squeeze but allowed because they sell stuff for your face like cream/moisturiser to keep your skin oh so beautiful)

Rejected: Clairol (2) - they only do hair colouring. Country Road do not sell any makeup or cosmetics at all.

Not mentioned: Coty, Christian Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein Cosmetics

4. A member of the United Nations admitted in 1992.

10 points: Turkmenistan, Bosnia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Slovenia
5 points: Croatia (3)

Not mentioned: San Marino, Uzbekistan, Kazhakistan, Kyrghistan

5. A Russian monarch of the House of Rurik.

10 points: Vasili II, Yaroslav the Wise, Vsevolod III, Svyatoslav, Ivan the Terrible
5 points: Feodor I (2), Oleg (2)

Rejected: Ho Lee, Supreme Monarch of Lu'an (was not a monarch of Rurik, merely a supporter of it).

Total Scores:

Gatsby722 45
Julia103 45
anobody 45

BbSean 40
JaneMarple 40
ozzz2002 40
Helen295 35
Engadine 35
Elftwinkle 30
Beaker411 30

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoyed it.

#244883 - Sat Nov 06 2004 01:18 PM Re: October Trivia Rounds!
lothruin Offline

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Ok, I have to apologize for the belated answers. (Badly Belated) Both I and my daughter have been sick, and after 2 weeks of her vomiting nearly every day, her doctor tells me she isn't actually ill anymore... She does it because she's stubborn. *sigh* It's been a VERY long and busy two weeks for me, so I hope you all understand.

Round 23 answers
10 Players participated this round!

Question 1
One of the meat toppings offered by Pizza Hut.
Worth 10 Points: Chicken, Ham, Beef Topping, Pork Topping, Pepperoni
Worth 5 Points: Anchovies (2), Bacon (3)
Not Mentioned: Italian Sausage was the only topping not mentioned. So just remember folks, when you call Pizza Hut and order a hamburger pizza, you're really just getting "beef topping".

Question 2
One of the vehicles featured on the Star Wars Space Vehicles collectors' plates by Hamilton.
Worth 10 Points: B-Wing - One of the Rebel Alliance's Heavy Assault Vehicles, and figured prominently in the Battle of Endor
Snowspeeder - Seen in abundance on the frozen planet of Hoth, the Rebel Alliance used these vehicles and their handy tow cables to defeat Imperial AT-AT's
Medical Frigate - Rebel medical frigates are actually refitted Imperial Nebulon B escort frigates, made by Kuat Drive Yards.
Millenium Falcon - From the outside, this ship is a Corellian freighter, but Han Solo's ship boasts a number of unexpected "special modifications".
Jabba's Sail Barge - The primary mode of planet-side transportation for Tatooine's most notorious gangster, Jabba the Hutt.
Y-Wing - Though the Rebel Y-Wing has become obsolete, it played key roles battles of Yavin and Endor.
Worth 5 Points: TIE Fighter (2) - TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine and the TIE fighter is the Imperial fleet's primary starfighter
Star Destroyer (2) - The signature vessel of the Imperial Fleet, the Star Destroyer strikes awe and terror where ever it goes.
Not Mentioned: Slave I - Boba Fett's ship, originally owned by Boba's father Jango, this vehicle is as recognizable as it is feared.
Imperial Shuttle - A Lambda class shuttle used for both freight and passenger ferrying, this vehicle's proudest moments are when it carries Imperial elite, such as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine
X-Wing, specifically the Red Five - The X-Wing is the Rebels' key fighter, outmatching the Imperial TIE Fighters in battle over and over. Red Five was the X-Wing piloted by Luke Skywalker against the Death Star.
Death Star - A giant Imperial space station, this beast carried planet-destroying weapons and a huge number of personel.

Question 3
A movie for which Michael Crichton wrote the novel. (Theatrical releases under different names than the novels are accepted.)
Worth 10 Points: Lost World - Book 1995, Movie 1997 The First Great Train Robbery - Book 1975, Movie 1979, Congo - Book 1980, Movie 1995, and the book is SO much better than the movie!, Terminal Man - Book 1972, Movie 1974. Timeline - Book 1999, Movie 2003
Worth 5 Points: Jurassic Park (2) - Book 1990, Movie 1993, Rising Sun (3) - Book 1992, Movie 1993
Not Mentioned: The Andromeda Strain, Dealing: Or, the Berkely-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues, The Carey Treatment, Pursuit, Disclosure, Sphere, The 13th Warrior

Question 4
One of the Jewel or Sparkle Ponies currently available for individual sale in Hasbro's My Little Pony Friendship Ball line. (Individual sale = pony and brush.)
Worth 10 Points: Peachy Pie (Sparkle Pony), Winterberry (Jewel Pony), Peri Winkle (Jewel Pony)
Worth 5 Points: Starbeam (2) (Sparkle Pony), Desert Rose (2) (Sparkle Pony),
Incorrect: Ice Dancing - Sold with a playset only, Pegasus Star Catcher - Not a Jewel or Sparkle Pony, sold with video only, Tink-A-Tink-A-Too is not a Sparkle or Jewel Pony and is not in the Friendship Ball line.
Not Mentioned:Jewel Ponies: Crystal Lace, Gem Blossom, Sapphire Shores, Star Dasher, Valenshy, Wondermint and Juniper Jade
Sparkle Ponies: Denim Blue, Desert Blossom, Forsythia, Meriweather, Rainbow Swirl, Blue Mist and Savannah Sage

Question 5
A song from Janis Ian's 1975 "Between the Lines". (A personal favorite.)
Worth 10 Points: In the Winter, Watercolors, Between the Lines, Tea and Sympathy
Worth 5 Points: At Seventeen (2), From Me to You (2), The Come On (2)
Not Mentioned: When the Party's Over, Bright Lights and Promises, Light a Light and Lover's Lullabye


ElfTwinkle - 50
BbSean - 45
Julia103 - 40
LeoDaVinci - 40
SpanishLiz - 35
Beaker411 - 30
Engadine - 30
Gatsby722 - 30
JaneMarple - 25
Ozzz2002 - 25
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#244884 - Sat Nov 06 2004 02:31 PM Re: October Trivia Rounds!
Julia103 Offline

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Maryland USA
And the high scorers for October are (drum roll please)...

ElfTwinkle 7
beaker411 6
ozzz2002 6

helen295 5
Julia103 5
Gatsby722 4
spanishliz 4
JaneMarple 3
Santana2002 3
BbSean 2
Kaushik_twin 2
LeoDaVinci 2
anobody 1
Engadine 1
Woody156 1

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