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#250425 - Tue Nov 30 2004 10:45 AM Having technical problems -- please help!
marahnna Offline

Registered: Mon Nov 29 2004
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Hi everyone!

I joined up with FunTrivia a little over a month ago and took several quizzes, and now that I've been a member for a month, I'd like to make my own quizzes, but when I get the validation email, I click on the link and nothing happens. On the status bar at the bottom of the email it says "Error on page." I've tried getting the email sent twice, and the same thing happens. Can anyone help me? Thanks!!

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#250426 - Tue Nov 30 2004 11:43 AM Re: Having technical problems -- please help!
sue943 Offline

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You are obviously a member in the forums as you have posted and are a member in Quizzyland as you have been playing quizzes and have a quiz in the process of being created. I don't understand your problem.
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#250427 - Tue Dec 07 2004 02:43 PM Re: Having technical problems -- please help!
SRSTrekker Offline

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You should just be able to create a quiz. I don't remember ever getting a note or email saying I can create a quiz. You should be able to click on the "Create a Quiz" link and create one now that you've been a member for the required amount of time. I'm not sure where the email comes into play.
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#250428 - Wed Dec 08 2004 01:01 AM Re: Having technical problems -- please help!
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I'm not sure what the problem was or is, but the system's aok - marahnna created a quiz back on November 30th, and submitted it on December 2nd.


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