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#250680 - Fri Dec 03 2004 10:34 PM Chess
aballinshadow Offline

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Does anyone play chess? Does anyone here study chess? Well, I do. Last summer, I started to play tournaments. I play constantly and am improving. I can say I'm better than the average person you'll see in the street. If you want to talk chess, well go ahead!
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#250681 - Sun Dec 19 2004 12:05 PM Re: Chess
LeoDaVinci Offline

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I tried to play chess for quite a while, and I'm excellent at starting a game, but then my true nature takes over, and I get impulsive. I see an opportunity to attack, and without thinking too much, I go for it, just as I would do in real life. Not suspecting a trap or a counterattack, I usually get annihilated, demolished, utterly destroyed. Thinking ahead... that's where it gets complicated.

I hold my own I guess, average at best .
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#250682 - Sun Dec 19 2004 12:55 PM Re: Chess
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I am terrible at the game. Which may be why I win so much . I come into the game with no strategy at all. Good chess players assume that I have a strategy and try to figure out what it is. By the time they relize that I was just acting on instict, they have already lost. In some ways a strategy can make you too inflexable.

"The best strategy is no strategy."
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