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#254288 - Fri Jan 14 2005 08:33 AM Standalone question requirements?
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I know that in the music category, there is a requirement that questions be written so that they can stand alone, because they can and will be randomly "plucked" for use in a daily or hourly quiz. (I may have the reasoning slightly wrong, but I know I have the general concept correct...).

For example, if one makes a quiz about the Beatles, a question can't say "When was their first appearance on Ed Sullivan?" because, absent the broader context of appearing within a Beatles' quiz, the question makes no sense. "They" is undefined.

Does this standalone requirement apply to other categories?

For example, if I do a quiz about the Battle of the Bulge, must I preface each question to clearly indicate it applies to that battle?

Or if I do a quiz about a certain Harry Potter book? Or the 2004 Olympics?

As I said, I understand the reasoning for the requirement that questions "stand on their own;" I just don't know how broadly the requirement extends.


#254289 - Fri Jan 14 2005 09:12 AM Re: Standalone question requirements?
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For me in TV, as long as it is clear what you are talking about by the title of the quiz and the question of the quiz, it's ok. The title is shown right above the questions in the hourly/daily quizzes and it's my personal opinion that prefacing every single question with the specific battle would be extremely 'boring'.

But I don't speak for everyone - this isn't an issue the editors have talked about recently!
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#254290 - Fri Jan 14 2005 09:56 AM Re: Standalone question requirements?
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I agree with Ladymacb, as long as the title of the quiz lets us know in no uncertain terms what it is about, then you can use a little slack on this. Actually, your Beatle question is all right as long as the title of the quiz is something like "Meet the Beatles!" or "The Fab Four - Beatles History." Then it's clear to us that you're asking about the Beatles.

However, you can't stray in your quiz and ask something like, who was considered a rival band of the Beatles, take the Rolling Stones for an answer, and then ask "When where they on Ed Sullivan?" Obviously in that situation, we will not know that you're asking about the Rolling Stones, and we will answer on the assumption that you are asking about the Beatles.

I'm not absolutely certain, but I believe the "stand-alone" rule is for all categories. If it isn't, then it would not apply in categories which are not used in the daily, hourly and private quizzes, and I don't know what those are if there are any.

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#254291 - Fri Jan 14 2005 11:22 AM Re: Standalone question requirements?
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The standalone rule applies for all categories except Brain Teasers, which is not used in the Daily Quizzes.
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